WH Primary Care

Whole Health Primary Care Network

Whole Foods Market has partnered with locally recognized health systems to give Whole Health Plan team members more access to a supportive community of primary care for you and your family.

Who is Eligible?

  • Full-time Whole Foods team members and their dependents living in select markets are enrolled in the Whole Health Plan for 2024.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Whole Health Plan team member services at 844-380-4554.

Who are the Whole Health Primary Care Providers?

  • They are committed to building a trusting and healing relationship with you by being available, approachable, easily accessible, and invested in your healthcare outcomes.
  • All Whole Health PCPs are in the Preferred Tier 1 Network but have enhanced benefits when you utilize their services to support access to primary care services. Note: Not all Preferred Tier 1 PCPs are in the Whole Health Primary Care Network.
  • They are fully licensed and board-certified in one of these categories or specialties:
    • Family Practice
    • Internal Medicine
    • Pediatrics
    • General Practice
    • Adolescent Medicine
    • Geriatrics
    • Public Health
  • It offers proactive, patient-centered treatment integrated with Core of Care providers (e.g., Head Space Health and Hinge), specialists, and hospitals within the participating Preferred Network health systems.
  • Practicing at preferred PCP medical group locations within the Preferred Network.
  • Working closely with Health Resource Coordinators to align your health and wellness goals with your medical care.

Why should I have a Whole Health Primary Care Provider?

  • See respected, fully licensed, and board-certified quality providers offering proactive, patient-centered care within your neighborhood.
  • Save time through more integrated and coordinated care.
  • Save even more money.
    • Whole Health Plan team members with the Personal Wellness Account (PWA) receive care at no cost – including all primary care office visits when the team member utilizes a Whole Health PCP (preventive care, care for acute illnesses and injuries, as well as chronic diseases)
      • $0 deductible for services
      • $0 out-of-pocket maximum
      • No co-pays or co-insurance
    • Whole Health Plan team members with the Health Savings Account (HSA) receive significant savings – no cost preventive care while all other primary visits are subject to a deductible (due to IRS regulations)
      • After the deductible is met, all primary care visits with a Whole Health Primary PCP are at no cost
      • Deductible approximately 47% of Expanded Network
      • OOP Max is about 50% of Expanded Network
      • No co-pays or co-insurance after satisfying deductible requirements
  • Be respected and heard! Have your health and wellness goals accounted for and integrated into your care plan as you work closely with Preferred PCPs. These trusted relationships will give you nutritional education, weight loss guidance, stress, sleep management advice, and more.

Access to The Whole Health Primary Care Network


Team members with access to the Whole Health Primary Care Network can search for their participating Primary Care Physician (PCP) by market. To find a PCP that is in-network or cost estimates for services, log in to your member portal here and utilize the ClearCost search tool.

If you still have questions, our Health Resource Coordinators are here to assist you! Do not hesitate to call at 844-380-4554.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Whole Health Plan different from other health plans?
The Whole Health Plan is designed for better member outcomes at a lower cost while improving your overall experience. It is a personal, convenient, and integrated health plan that enables team members to make better-informed health and wellness decisions by partnering with committed, trusted providers and supportive, knowledgeable coordinators for a seamless, consistent, and value-driven experience. Our commitment to providing team members with access to cost-effective, appropriate care that helps improve their health means you have easy access to the caring and nurturing relationships you want and the convenience of technology designed to simplify and facilitate services and care when needed.

How does the Whole Health Plan add value to my healthcare experience?
The Whole Health Plan addresses healthcare values in several ways: by reducing care costs through the Whole Health Primary Care Network and providing access to an integrated team of professionals committed to empowering team members throughout their healthcare journey. Whole Health’s value comes from delivering fully integrated, high-quality, cost-effective care and services to team members.

How does Whole Health help team members control and minimize their costs?
Whole Health enables team members to control and minimize costs with a $0 deductible for services and a $0 out-of-pocket maximum when Whole Health Primary Care Providers provide care. In addition, preferred PCP visits are always free, from annual exams to regular and ongoing management of chronic conditions. Team members can take advantage of significantly reduced preventative and chronic medication costs with expanded benefits for preferred PCP relationships.

*Please note the difference between PWA and HSA benefits: 
Whole Health Plan members with PWA receive FREE primary medical care at all Whole Health Primary Care Network locations. HSA members receive free preventive care; all other services are subject to deductible and receive free care after the deductible is met.

What services are included in the plan and provided at no cost to me?
Team members have free access to concierge-level service with their Health Resource Coordinators to save time, coordinate care, and help them maximize their Whole Health Plan benefits.

What is my Core of Care?
We have a unique approach to providing team members with an integrated medical and wellness experience. Comprised of three integral contributors – you, your Primary Care Provider, and your Health Resource Coordinator – your Core of Care is a partnership that ensures we achieve our mission to deliver revolutionary health care to WFM team members and their dependents, anchored in lifestyle-focused, evidence-based, conservative, proactive, patient-centered, medical care.