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Your Whole Health Primary Care Provider Network

As a team member of the Whole Health Plan, you have the exclusive benefit of accessing the Whole Health Primary Care Provider Network. WFM Preferred PCPs are a curated network of primary care providers invested in your healthcare outcomes. Preferred Primary Care Providers work closely with Health Resource Coordinators (HRCs) to align your health and wellness experience, and work with an integrated team of specialists and hospitals.

Refer to the 2024 Whole Foods Market Enrollment Guide for more information on this exclusive benefit and its cost to you and your family.

Preferred Tier 1 Network

The Preferred Network is a curated network of recognized local providers, clinics, and hospitals, administered by WebTPA. Team members will now use a group ID of WFM.

Extended Tier 2 Network

The Expanded Network is a national network of providers, clinics, and hospitals through Aetna Signature Administrators to receive care at the standard benefit level, administered by WebTPA.

To find an in-network provider and view cost estimates for services log in to your Member Portal here and utilize the ClearCost search tool.
Regardless of which network you're accessing, all claims will be administered by WebTPA. Please submit all claims to WebTPA using the instructions on the back of your ID card. 

Looking for a pharmacy near you?

Browse to find in-network pharmacies near you. Be sure to specify “WFM” as your Group Code.